Hunderwasser Vienna

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The incinerator in the city center of Vienna, that councillors from the world over flock to see, which has become an accepted part of the life in the city.

photo par postpunkkitchen

Response from the Police (2009)

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  • 28 May 2009 – the day Nuage Vert was scheduled to open – we received this fax from the Police of Seine Saint-Denis. On technical grounds the project is validated.

However, I call your attention to the worry, or even panic, that this laser beam could provoke amongst the local population or road users, in the absence of any clear information about the purpose of the project.”
This letter also refers to “the risk of this event being wrongly interpreted and contribute to propagating, in the collective mind, a strongly negative image of the incinerator and the terms by which it is operated.”
Which is why, considering these elements, and the non-negligible risks of disturbance likely to be created by your initiative, and after in depth study, I can at this point only issue an unfavourable verdict about a new initiative of this type in the sky of Saint-Ouen.”

Dead matresses

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photo by Alice Hamon