Module 1 / Factory Clouds

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Module 01, Factory Clouds
ManMade Clouds

The exhibition at Galerie Ars Longa in Paris is the first of a series of informal presentations acting as a preparation for the forth-coming book “Man Made Clouds” by Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen (HeHe), and presents a selection from their ongoing poster collection. Following on from the first exhibit as part of the Nuage vert project at Mal au Pixel in Mains d’Œuvres, Saint Ouen in 2009, this time 22 posters are exhibited.

Although the images in the collection are diverse, taken from a range of contexts, they share a motif that is both curious and specific to this exhibition: All of the posters depict a factory and its industrial emissions. In each poster, the emissions take on an imaginary form to carry a particular message. In the exhibition, the factory emission comes alive as a fist, a flag, a tree or a celebrity. As an ensemble they represent an eclectic mix of symbols, stemming from different contexts and allowing a multitude of readings. Together they make us aware of the ever-changing representation of our made-made industrial emissions within the politics, activist movement, pop culture and art of the 20th century.

The most well-known and valuable piece in the collection is probably the original Atelier Populaire poster from the workshop at the Beaux Art de Paris, which produced the posters for the 1968 street uprisings. The cheapest might be the reprinted poster that was provided in digital format to us by Hacklab in Copenhagen, a protest poster against the UN Climate conference in Denmark, 2009. The work of Klaus Staeck is present with three posters, including his depiction of Germanys chancellor Angela Merkel - complete with glowing eyes - as she emerges from the clouds of an atomic cooling tower (Strahlende Zukunft, 2005), which matches perfectly with the poster featuring the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hovering in the clouds above an architectural hybrid of Auschwitz and a nuclear power plant (Ich will den atomaren Holocaust, 2007).

The collection hung on the walls of the gallery is accompanied by black and white A4 prints of other posters and imagery of factory clouds, collected by HeHe in digital format.

The Man Made Clouds book is scheduled to be published in the beginning of 2012 together with Editions-HYX Orléans.

The Posters in the exhibition

Norrköping. Sveriges = Manchester, Anonyme, 1930, re-produced by the Museum of Work Norrköping

Travailleurs - La lutte continue, L’Atelier Populaire, 1968

Latvijai Ekologisku Nakotni, Hubert Hoffmann, 1980

Hier stirbt der Wald, Hubert Hoffmann, 1980

Heute Tannen, morgen wir
, Hubert Hoffmann, 1980

Endlich die Arbeit gerechter verteilen
, Klaus Staeck, 1985

Bitterfeld 4400, Kleine Humbolt Gallerie, Oskar Manigk, 1989

Saubere Energie aus der Steckdose. Ihre Elektrizitätswerke, Klaus Staeck, 1992

Strahlende Zukunft, Klaus Staeck, 2005

Push the Button, The Chemical Brothers, 2005

Die Wolke (Affiche du film), 2006

An Inconvenient truth, The Ant Farm, 2006

Ich will den atomaren Holocaust, Il-Israel, 2007

Vihreä pilvi, de Valence, 2008

Pixelache University, Wojtek Mejor, 2008

Anti-Flag, Anti Flag, 2009

Nuage Vert aura-t-il-lieu?, Nina Heydorn, 2009

Our climate, not your business,, 2009

National Art Hate Week, Harry Adams, 2010

Inflammable, Compagnie Jolie Môme, Thierry Gatinet, Theatre Belle Etoile, 2010

Qui a peur du Nuage Vert?, HeHe, 2010

Incinération des déchets, quels risques pour la santé publique?, Philippe Bretelle, 2010

In collaboration with:

Editions HYX /
ArsLonga /
Pollinaria /
Art outsiders /

More Greenwashing from Germany

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Another “artist” at work ….

Photo credit Nina Heydorn

Advertisement for Entega, the people behind the dubious snow man event in Berlin, among others …

Air of Paris

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Images by Sébastien Lapeyre, director of Cniid:




An image by Mathieu Marguerin, the man behind Mal au Pixel, showing a
view from the Paris peripherique:

Two more photos by filmaker Yuki Kawamura:


Video from Ivry-sur-Seine

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Nuage Vert à Ivry from HeHe on Vimeo.

Green cloud escapes censure

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From 6:30pm until 10:30pm on the 27 november 2010 - in subzero temperatures - a green halo appeared to come out of the enormous incinerator in Ivry-sur-Seine. This time nobody called the fire brigade and the police didn’t come - Just another night in the city of light…

A big thank-you to Stéphane Langlois, Vincent Guimas, Ewen Chardronnet, Anne, Maryam and Ashley from Ivry-sur-Seine for making this last edition possible.

Here are some pictures:

nv ivry
nv ivry
nv ivry

Nuage vert n°3

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Today, we received the technical go ahead from the French civil aviation authority for a projection in Ivry and the new poster “Who’s afraid of Green cloud?” is ready to be fly-posted around town:
affiche pour Ivry

Bring back Reality!

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Nuage Vert just got diluted by the Berlin based branding agency REALITIES UNITED.

In their “artistic” statement you can read:
“At night, heat tracking lights will be used to position lasers onto the smoke rings turning them into glowing, communicative artworks … “.

But where is the art?

Sorry guys, but you copied and pasted a bit rough. We are not using heat tracking lights, but a thermographic camera.

All this is part of a ski park architecture on the roof of a new incinerator in Copenhagen, proposed by the Dänisch architecture group called “BIG”. Hey, did you not know that we will have to built smaller incinerators in the future not BIG ones.

Also, what does Bjarke Ingels means when he talks about “hedonistic sustainability“? Hedonistic, just like the bikini ladies on the roof of the iceberg incinerator? Should they not at least wear masks, incinerators usually emit quite strong smells, toxins. Also incinerators are quite hot inside, is that why the ladies wearing ony bikinis? Why are architects still allowed to put rendered atrocities into the world?

And look at this happy couple having a rest, after a long bicycle ride to see the new incinerator. Spot the error. Cloud rings emerging from incinerators, should be mostly (lets not talk about the rest here… ) hot steam, after washing the gases. These clouds should not be visible in warm temperatures, only in winter when they condense in the air. So, this Dänisch couple are quite tough cycling around in winter with skirts and T-shirt.

We want less waste and less branding and MoreReality!

HeHe’s Portable Nuclear Power Plant from 2009