“Designer trash” workshop at IAV in Orleans

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Last week we were in Orleans - Institut d’Art Visuel to run a one week workshop with students called “Designer-Trash”, which aimed to find new ways of thinking about the issue of waste. Waste carries negative values and as waste production grows, the more there is a need to hide it from view and to destroy it. But what other ways can we treat waste? The overarching theme put forward by the director of the school for this week of workshops was ‘discretion’… which fits well to the way we usually like to think about waste.

The workshop was a space for waste utopias to become a reality : from industrial design products made from waste products and activist posters to artistic and ironical happenings in public spaces.

Rich Spring - Printemps de richesse

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Printemps de richesse is an weekend event to promote artistic and political exchanges, a space for sensitive and intelligent ideas which have the right priorities. It took place at Mains d’Oeuvres & l’Espace 1789 in Saint-Ouen.

Workshop : “La plus belle poubelle : Inventing metaphors about waste - for the Green Cloud project / animated by Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen”


(c) Vinciane Verguethen


Festival Mal au Pixel 2009

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From the exhibition in Mains d’Ouevres, Saint-Ouen

Poster collection :

Norrköping. Sveriges = Manchester
« Norrköping Suède = Manchester »
Author : Anonymous, 1930, Norrköping Museum copy

Saubere Energie aus der Steckdose. Ihre Elektrizitätswerke
« Clean energy comes out from socker. Your power plant. »
Author : Klaus Staeck, 1992

Workers - The fight will go on
Author : L’Atelier Populaire, 1968

Endlich die Arbeit gerechter verteilen
« Work fairly divided at least »
Author : Klaus Staeck, 1985

An Inconvenient truth
Author : The Ant Farm, 2006

Vihreä pilvi
« Green Cloud »
Author : de Valence, 2008

Pixelache University
Author : Wojtek Mejor, 2008

Will Green Cloud be ?
Author : Nina Heydorn, 2009

Poster workshop

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This is five beautiful posters of CM1 pupils in Anne Wurm’s class at Jolio Curie school, St-Ouen. This workshop has been organized by Vanessa à Mains d’Oeuvres.

“Sort the recycling!” par Chaïma, Fanny, Kenza, Tara, Aicha

“Candy Cloud” par Bilel, Oumeima, Nelson, Célia, Kévin

“Head Cloud eating Earth” par Ulysse, Hugo, Khelifa, Ahmed, Mathis

“Stop polluting” par Lorenzo, Sherley, Christelle, Kathy, Florent

“Clean Present of Clean Future ?” par Ludvina, Anis, Claudia, Mélany, Rayanna