Dead matresses

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photo by Alice Hamon

Heart of the debate?

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Green Cloud in Helsinki, photo by HeHe

We are currently waiting for the answer of Saint-Ouen Council about their agreement with Nuage Vert project.  The Decision Committee met Tuesday, 11th of May but didn’t take any.

18th May 2010 - EDIT : Bad news for us today, Decision Committee still not supporting the project.

Test in St Ouen

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Le test technique à Saint-Ouen

First test in Saint-Ouen, 27 march 2009 at 20:50, photo by HeHe

Nuage Vert Saint-Ouen from HeHe on Vimeo

A waste sorting centre

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Nanterre, northern Paris on the 2 April. This sorting centre is built to treat annually 40,000 tons of recyclable waste collected by about 1 million residents of Western Paris. The things that are recycled here clean paper, clean cardboard, plastic bottles, steel and aluminium packaging.

The sorting process here is done by a mixture of hand sorting and machine sorting.

Centre Tri Nanterre from HeHe on Vimeo.

Response from the waste authority 2009

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“…a laser projection onto the vapour cloud of the incineration plant would risk to elicit misunderstandings, or even worry from members of the public, if they are not fully informed beforehand as to the meaning of this event…”

“These reasons have already led to the city of Saint-Ouen, who is one of our main partners, to inform you of their disagreement with the realisation of this project, and leads us to do the same today.”

A debate on incineration

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In a community hall in Saint-Ouen, against a background mural depicting an industrial town decoratively  cloaked in yellow plumes of smoke, people from Saint-Ouen debated the problems of waste and the alternatives to incineration.

Waste incinerator… What alternatives?
Waste & Environment Watch

On Monday 26 January, a working group was created on the theme: Waste / Incinerator, by eco-citizens, Convergence Citoyenne Association and the Greens of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine.

It aims to reflect and act on:
- Reduction of waste associated with our lifestyle, consumption and production
- Assessment and reduction of adverse impacts on health by the incinerator which will be in operation until 2020 in our municipality.

With these issues, we wish to raise awareness for eco gestures and in collaboration to meet with industry, associations, businesses and municipalities, to propose and facilitate the implementation of concrete measures.

The first meeting - not to be missed - is during the week of National Sustainable Development 2009 (

Thursday April 2 from 20.30, Labor exchange,
30 Rue Ambroise Croizat


- Hervé Pernin, Waste engineer, Ademe - Ile de France
Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie

- Helen Bourges, Cniid
Centre national d’information indépendante sur les déchets

- Alain Rouault, Vice President of Syctom, Chairman of Sitom 93
Syndicat intercommunal de traitement des ordures ménagères 93

After the debate, we propose to continue the discussion around a friendly drink.
This working group is open to everyone, so do not hesitate to contact us: Isabelle de Kochko: Mail: convergence.citoyenne AT or Franck Rolland

Débat sur incinération from HeHe on Vimeo

Cloud Factory

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A letter from the Council

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After 4 months of no reply, on the 7 Feb 2009 we received this letter from the Mairie :

“…I wish to inform you that the ville de Saint-Ouen will not take an active part in this original project, despite the relevance of its approach.”
the participatory process initiated by the Marie to create dialogue with local citizens has brought to light serious worries and questioning about the environmental and health effects of the incinerator. Therefore, you understand that it is difficult for us to work dispassionately on this project, and all the more so since the allotted time is short.“

Impressions de l’usine

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Arman’s trashes

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Arman - La poubelle des enfants (1960)

Arman - La poubelle des enfants (1960)

Arman - Poubelle Menagère (1960)

Arman - Poubelle Menagère (1960)

Agnes Denes - Wheatfield - A confrontation

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Agnes Denes - Wheatfield - A confrontation (1982)

Art of living

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I make maintenance art 1 hour a day - Mierle Lederman Ukeles (1969

"I make maintenance art 1 hour a day" - Mierle Lederman Ukeles (1976)

For the performance “I Make Maintenance Art One Hour Every Day” (1976) Ukeles collaborated with 300 hundred maintenance staff at a bank in Manhattan. She took Polaroid photographs of men and women doing routine jobs and asked them to discuss their labor as either art or work.

"Touch Sanitation" (1970-1980)

She drew attention to the maintenance of urban ecological systems in general and the use of pejorative language to represent “garbage men” in particular. Ukeles traveled sections of New York City to shake the hands of over 8500 sanitation employees or “sanmen” during a year-long performance.

Dustbins and fascination

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on the left : Projet R, on the right : Module R - Stefan Shankland (1998-2002)

“Bin is a symbolic place in a process where objects stop being objects with values and specific use, to become raw material. Anything thrown away in a bin become rubbish, wich means a matter that weigh, with  a volume”

- -

Donna Conlon’s landscapes

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100% Pure - Donna Conlon (2003)

100% Pure - Donna Conlon (2003)

Glass Ridge - Donna Conlon (2007)

Glass Ridge (2007)

Glass Mountains (2007)

Glass Mountains (2007)

“Why should contemplative space be outside of our everyday experience ?”

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Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center - Singer and Glatt (1989 - 1993)

Michael Singer and Linnea Glatt were hired as artists by the Phoenix Arts Commission and the Department of Public Works to provide the architectural concept design for the 27th Avenue Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center

Public amphitheatre with views into the recycling building

Public amphitheatre with views into the recycling building

Singer and Glatt’s design invites public involvement and understanding of recycling and waste issues in an infrastructure facility that would normally be closed to the public. Traditional designs of solid waste facilities promote expediency and a non-distinct design whose goal is to conceal the facility.

- Contemporary landscapes of contemplation -

- -

“Do not throw away, collect, recycle” Les Filles du Facteur’s motto

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Les Filles du Facteur, a non-profit organization, have developed the plastic bag as a material. Like a wool ball, there are crocheted in bags, baskets, pouches etc. This is a great example to follow to promote reborned objects.

- -

Dirty White Trash

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Dirty White Trash - Tim Noble, Sue Webster (1998)

Dirty White Trash - Tim Noble, Sue Webster (1998)

“Dirty White Trash” (1998) of Tim Noble and Sue Webster shows the toxic link existing between consumer society and human being.

As a Golem made of rubbishes, the light brings to life this visually complex and deceptive heap drawing the artists silhouettes on  the background wall.

- Noble&Webster sur -

Foam Fountain

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Foam Fountain - Michel Blazy (2007)

Foam Fountain - Michel Blazy (2007)

- -

The art of valuing products

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packings and gold-leaf 24-carat

packings and gold-leaf 24-carat

Golden Trashes - Pauline Bastard (2008)

Golden Trashes - Pauline Bastard (2008)

Golden Waste - Emmanuel Colombani (2009)

Golden Waste - Emmanuel Colombani (2009)

Gold and rubbishes as oxymoron in those works of Pauline Bastard in “Golden Trashes” and Emmanuel Colombani in “Golden Waste”. Gold is glorifying rot, like the Beauty supports the Beast, this precious material transforms waste into “value-added rubbishes”. How to change a disgusted-eyed into a greedy one in one shake of a spray-paint.

- -

- -

There are none so blind as they who will not see

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Tue Greenforts dustbins during Frieze Art Fair (2008)

Tue Greenfort's dustbins at Frieze Art Fair (2008)

The democratic idea of transparency met ecology in this project of Tue Greenfort for RSA Arts&Ecology at Frieze 2008. Thus was impossible to forget anymore waste still exist when we throw them “away”. The question is “Where is “away” ?”. We have to keep in mind that dusbins are (unfortunately) not black-holes sucking our waste up nowhere…

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