Bring back Reality!

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Nuage Vert just got diluted by the Berlin based branding agency REALITIES UNITED.

In their “artistic” statement you can read:
“At night, heat tracking lights will be used to position lasers onto the smoke rings turning them into glowing, communicative artworks … “.

But where is the art?

Sorry guys, but you copied and pasted a bit rough. We are not using heat tracking lights, but a thermographic camera.

All this is part of a ski park architecture on the roof of a new incinerator in Copenhagen, proposed by the Dänisch architecture group called “BIG”. Hey, did you not know that we will have to built smaller incinerators in the future not BIG ones.

Also, what does Bjarke Ingels means when he talks about “hedonistic sustainability“? Hedonistic, just like the bikini ladies on the roof of the iceberg incinerator? Should they not at least wear masks, incinerators usually emit quite strong smells, toxins. Also incinerators are quite hot inside, is that why the ladies wearing ony bikinis? Why are architects still allowed to put rendered atrocities into the world?

And look at this happy couple having a rest, after a long bicycle ride to see the new incinerator. Spot the error. Cloud rings emerging from incinerators, should be mostly (lets not talk about the rest here… ) hot steam, after washing the gases. These clouds should not be visible in warm temperatures, only in winter when they condense in the air. So, this Dänisch couple are quite tough cycling around in winter with skirts and T-shirt.

We want less waste and less branding and MoreReality!

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